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ATP Annual Goal & Planning Worksheet

Our Annual Goal and Planning Worksheet is your first step to help you plan for a successful year in running. You aren't simply going to stumble into a new year are you? A new year provide such promise and potential, but to make the most of it you need to give yourself a little guidance, a generous sprinkle of motivation, and of course a destination or two. 

This worksheet will guide you through 4 steps to create a plan for the year ahead:

  1. Looking back at 2021 - it sure was a doozy, but we can learn from the past.

  2. Finding inspiration - get inspired by those around us.

  3. Yearly focus - what changes and improvements will you make?

  4. 2022 Goals - set some goals and visual the success you will achieve!

Download the worksheet by clicking the big button below:

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